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Easy Ways To Renovate On A Tight Budget

Renovating your home doesn’t have to be an unaffordable ambition. While many of us have big dreams for our houses, they can often be put aside or procrastinated in favour of waiting for the day when money feels like less of a concern. For most of us, this day never really comes, but that doesn’t mean that you should put your renovation ideas on the backburner. There are plenty of creative ways to make updates, both large and small, to your home without breaking the bank. Follow these tips and make a change today.


  1. Transform your floors. If you’re only able to afford to renovate one room of your home, make it your kitchen. This is the area you probably spend the most time in, and small adjustments can completely alter the look of the space. Buy some shiny new tiles brisbane and replace your old design with something sharper and more bold. Even low cost flooring, when bought from a quality supplier, can look expensive and stylish.
  2. Upgrade your shelving. Storage space is key to the neatness and comfort of your home, so adding design-conscious new shelving can be a great way to improve functionality while adding a new element of style to your space. Consider adding alcove shelving to the walls of your sitting room where you can proudly display all of your favourite books and collectables.
  3. Build in a skylight. Skylights completely transform the look of a room, and they’re surprisingly inexpensive to install. Find the right spot for letting a little extra light in and then install a skylight into your bedroom for a totally new, brighter look. If you’re particularly handy when it comes to DIY, it’s also possible to install the skylight yourself, so you may be able to cut down on costs that way, too.
  4. Bring new life to old furniture. If you want to refresh the décor in your home but don’t have the budget to go out and buy a whole new suite of furniture, why not refurbish the pieces you already have and love. There are plenty of tutorials online that will show you how to reupholster old sitting room chairs, and a quirky new fabric could completely transform your favourite old couch without costing you a fortune.
  5. Give your home a fresh coat of paint. Changing the colour of your walls will give each room a totally new look, and paints can easily be bought at a reasonable price from most hardware stores. Pick some bold colours and get creative if you really want to jazz up your old living space. Just remember to do your research first if you’re planning to do the painting yourself – neglecting the proper preparation steps could leave your walls looking less than perfect.
  6. Shop around for big bargains. Buying new furniture and décor can be a seriously pricy step, but there are ways to find cool new pieces and accessories for your home on a tight budget. Shop at flea markets for unique vintage finds, scour the internet, and check out local auctions for great deals on fabulous furniture. Remember to measure your space before you purchase any new piece of furniture, though, so that you’re sure it will fit properly into the room.

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