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Gardening Ideas and Tips for Coastal New South Wales

Creating the perfect garden near the shore can be quite a challenge. The coastal New South Wales generally has a temperate climate. It’s not impossible to grow a garden, but you may not be able to grow some favoured plants like roses (unless it’s potted). Prospective gardeners will have to be mindful of conditions like high winds and salt exposure when designing gardens. Here are several tips that will help you get a wonderful garden if you live in coastal NSW:

Adopt a Theme

If you live by the shore, you may not be able to plant an English-style garden. But that doesn’t mean you are out of themes. Choose an open, relaxed and nature-oriented theme for your garden. You can pick native plants and shady trees for the perfect outdoor space. Hire professional landscaping services Sydney North Shore agency to create hedges, watering systems, and other additions suited to the climate. It’s best to start off with a theme to maintain consistency throughout. Your garden won’t look like a mess afterwards.

Choose the Right Plants

Refer to an online guide to request information from the local agricultural office about the the best plant species to grow in coastal NSW. Flowering plants like snapdragons, carnations, sweet peas and violas do well here. You should choose heat tolerant and drought-resistant plants for creating hedges and bush areas. The soil type in NSW is generally sandy, which doesn’t retain water well. So you will have to choose plants carefully to reduce the level of maintenance your garden needs.

Plant Buffer Trees

To protect flowering plants and bushes from the harsh sea wind, plant buffer trees like eucalypts and banksia. These plants also provide shade and will make your garden look pleasantly scruffier. Do a mix of buffer trees for the best results. Grouping plants together is also a great way to protect coastal gardens from the harsh elements.

Mix Up Plant Species

Don’t stick to a formula when planting your garden. Have a healthy mix of plant types. It’s recommended to have shrubs, succulents, in addition to several types of grass to make a coastal garden look as natural as possible. Mix up woolly bushes, Hebe, agave, and blue chalk sticks for the best results. Fountain grass or coast tussock are great for coastal lawns.

Choose the Right Mulch

Regular mulch doesn’t do well in coastal NSW. To best complement the aspects of the garden, choose beach-y mulch, often used in inner city areas. Great choices include crushed seashell blend, granitic sand, and pigface. These materials can be used as mulch or as ground for pathways.

Use Stone Decorations

Stones, like natural sandstones, are great for using as decorations or demarcations in coastal gardens. These will complement the relaxed look of the garden and also introduce an element of the nearby beaches. Use stones instead of bricks to mark pathways or for edging the lawn. Stones can also be used to complement seating areas. Natural granite stones or sculptures also look quite great in coastal gardens.

Blend the natural features with the artificial, like seating areas, in your coastal NSW garden. Make sure the garden doesn’t look too artificial however. It’s highly recommended to invest in a good watering or irrigation system. Don’t spend too much money planting a species that simply won’t grow in the climate. Potted plants will allow you to seasonally grow plants that won’t survive in the soil.


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