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Green thinking slowly changing the world

The times that we live in have changed significantly over the last few decades. Where the seventies and eighties were years of excess and waste and severe damage to the environment, the norm these days is to think long and hard about the environmental impact of our actions. As such many industries have undergone massive changes in terms of the way they think about doing their business. To many people those changes might have gone unnoticed, but the truth is they are everywhere and the more we are aware of them, the more we are likely to change our own old-school ways of thinking and move with the times. Here are some examples of the changes that are going on all around us.

Saving Water

Increasingly it is become clear that water is a valuable resource that is in short supply. Where once it was okay to open taps and let them run with abandon, nowadays water consumption is monitored closely and businesses are urged to ensure that usage is efficient and effective. The impact on water-reliant businesses like car washes has been significant. But it has also led to innovation and new standards of best practice. For instance a company that offers services performing drain cleaning gold coast and Brisbane has come up with a novel way to utilize Jet/Vac and recycling combination vehicles to ensure that water use is minimal and that whatever is used is recycled.


Electricity Production

Cleaner and more natural methods of electricity production are springing up everywhere. The nuclear boom of the eighties is over and governments around the world are now turning to things like wind farms and solar plants to produce electricity. It is cleaner and more sustainable and the environmental impacts are much less. Where once wind turbines were experimental apparatus seemingly destined never to amount to much, today they dot landscapes all over the world, from Africa, through Asia and into Australia and America.


Greening Cities

The days of concrete jungles are gone. Cities will be here forever but increasingly urban designers and architects are working on ways to make cities cooler and greener. Some cities have passed legislation to ensure that all new high-rise buildings must have green roofs, while in other areas tar roads are being painted white to lower the heat levels. Trees and open spaces are increasingly important in urban design and where once it was all about the size and scale of the building that were being built, now it is increasingly about the green status of new building and what they are doing to improve the environment and the world.


Getting smart with waste

Recycling is nothing new. For a long time though it was almost a vanity project for the rich. Now however it is going to the next level with creative people constantly coming up with new and incredible ways to ensure that recycled materials are used for maximum benefit. One of the best examples here is the eco-brick, a simple solution to two problems: a lack of formal housing in the developing world coupled with an enormous amount of plastic waste that we create. The eco-brick, a simple plastic bottle jammed full with litter and waste that is used in lieu of actual bricks to build houses.





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