Solar Energy: the Future of Power Generation

Solar Power really took its place in the energy industry from 2012 when it was estimated to produce at least 100 GW of solar photovoltaic power. Solar Power is usually more effective in countries close to the equator where solar technology can best use the extra amount of sunlight drawn into reach an optimum level of efficiency. Surprisingly Germany is amongst the few who are at the forefront of this form of energy if you measure their solar photovoltaic power output on an annual basis. This gives us the picture of how developed countries are very serious about a sustainable tomorrow and how they seek things like solar power to help them reach this goal.

How it Works

Basic solar panels like the ones you would find on your calculator use cells which have semiconducting properties. Exposure to direct sunlight stimulate electrons and generate electricity. The technology is however different on a bigger commercial scale. Sunlight is used to create a heat source by concentrating it and amplifying its heat energy to boil large amounts of water. This would then produce steam and power steam turbines generating sustainable electricity to the general public. This uses the same application that a coal or nuclear power plant would use to produce electricity, but the difference lies in how this is a much cleaner form of energy with little or no adverse effects to the environment.

How it all Starts – Installation

With company’s which specialize in solar installation, it seems prudent to utilize their services to make sure that you get the optimum solar solution for your business. Professional commercial solar installers have their own data analysis tools which they would use to study your most recent levels of power consumption. After an analysis of the data, these professionals would decide which “energy block” your business would fit into. Usually an efficient block a business would like to be in is a range between 160Mwh to 250Mwh. The panels installed would vary according to the power consumption and type of business you’re in. There are three main type of commercial solar panels used in the world today and they are Monocrystalline Silicon, Crystalline panels and Polycrystalline panels. Each of them has their own properties and benefits, so consulting with a good local solar installer on what type would most benefit you would be a good idea.

Solar Power set to Grow even Further

The future looks bright for Solar Power as through proven research it asserted itself as a much cheaper way of producing energy than fossil fuel alternatives. The ROI (return for investment) in this form of energy is much higher than most of its competition. Renewable energy generates a very impressive two-thirds of new energy inputs into power and solar energy was its main frontier. The industrial world looks for a long run cheap solution for the growing energy crisis ravaging our planet and this might be the solution to the problem we face. Let’s face it, after the initial investment of installation, the variable costs associated with power and electricity for companies would reduce significantly on a monthly basis while safeguarding the environment. It’s a win-win!


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